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Walking on the boardwalk at Venice Beach as a child with

her father almost every weekend, Andrea Yakerson fell in

love with the funky, handmade originalities she discovered

there.  She fantasied about selling her own creative works

one day.  

As a child, Andrea tried to emulate her mother,

Pamela Mawkes Booth’s amazing paintings and sketches.

Despite dabbling in many art forms, nothing grew out of it,

until now.  

In her teens, as an opportunity to spend time with her father, Jonathon Booth, she learned to cut and solder stained glass.  

A move to a slower paced Austin, Texas gave Andrea the chance to be a stay at home mom and as her sons grew, she had the chance to express herself artistically.  

Andrea, a self taught artist, uses materials that are not traditionally associated with jewelry, to construct her one of a kind,
Andrea uses gemstone colored crushed glass or dried flowers carefully placed in resin with a toothpick to create her unique styles.

She uses every spare moment to create her unique conversational pieces that have become a kind of addiction, always in her thoughts.  

On a whim, Andrea started making pendants for friends and family members.  This grew into a dining room table full of pendants, which grew into the “Bee Mary” business, now available at local boutiques and trunk sales.  

Her grandmother, Mary Condon Booth, was a spiritually focused mentor who shared her love with everyone and anyone.  She was Andrea’s best friend and Andrea’s work is in memory of her.  

With the exciting success of her jewelry design, Andrea is now designing earrings, rings, headbands, bobby pins, bracelets and much more.

Andrea continues to give back to the community through local charities as Bee Mary grows, in memory of her grandmother Mary.   ​

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